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Wanting to consume products in a healthy, ethical and sustainable way is nothing new, in fact, it’s the way humans have operated for thousands of years, but in today’s world, it’s increasingly difficult. Let’s be honest, you almost need a science degree to make sense of today’s packaging and labels and with some clever marketing, a very different product story can be developed in a boardroom and touted as the truth. Even with all our own exhaustive research into nutrition, health and wellness, we found we were visiting dozens of shops and farmers’ markets every week to source products that we were happy to share with our family.  So, we decided to’ be the change’ we were looking for.

We are Penny and Jo from Sunshine Organics. Healthy organic foods coupled with ethical and sustainable practices are at the heart of our operation both in our home and in our business.  Penny is a busy Mum of four children, married to a fourth generation farmer, allowing her to feel a genuine connection to the land every day. Like so many Mum’s the juggle of motherhood and business brought on health issues that increased her passion for a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. It reinforced the vitality of the connection between the land, our food and our health.  Jo brings to Sunshine Organics business acumen and superb customer service accumulated from three decades of managing her Melbourne hair salon, and more recently her recycled fashion label. Jo is driven by a passion to get back to basics in every aspect of life and has been striving to live an ever more sustainable life on her little home farm on the Sunshine Coast.

For us, Sunshine Organics represents a blend of family and community. We are passionate about local ties and nutritious organic food. We believe in the powerful impact of Pick Pack Deliver and welcome you to help be the change.


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