Our Story

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Why we do what we do

At Sunshine Organics we are inspired & grateful each & every day to find better ways we can make Organics easy. We give you back your time through online ordering & delivering to you whilst nurturing your health and the health of the earth by connecting you with local Organic farmers and artisan producers. We see a world the way it used to be when all food was Organic

Our Vision

This is driven by our vision for everyone to have access to the freshest organic produce & groceries  whilst bringing the ease & environmental impact of home delivery - one vehicle many deliveries coupled with the powerful impact and freshness of our  Pick then Pack then Deliver.  We see a world where all food is organic just the way it used to be. 

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My Story

I am Penny from Sunshine Organics. Healthy organic foods coupled with ethical and sustainable practices are at the heart of the operation both in our home and in my business.  I am a Mum, wife and business owner, living in a bustling house of four fabulous children and married to a fourth generation farmer.  Being on the land allows me to feel a genuine connection to the earth every day. Like so many Mum’s the juggle of motherhood and business brought on health issues that increased my desire for a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. It strengthened the connection between the land, our food, our health and the health of the earth.  Being able to share this connection and the innovative and creative farmers and artisan producers we are surrounded by in our region feels like a great place to put my energy each day.  

For me, Sunshine Organics represents a blend of family and community. I am passionate about local ties and nutritious organic food. I love knowing the story of where my food came from and believe in the powerful impact of Pick Pack Deliver. I welcome you with open arms to help be the change - to go Organic, knowing it is, - Better for you and Better for the earth.  






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