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We feel very blessed that we can offer the unique range of artisan bakery products from Sol Breads and Leavains Artisan Bakery both local organic bakeries The range of Sol Breads includes sourdoughs, sweet, savory and gluten free options. No additives, no chemicals no shortcuts - only the finest stone-ground, wild fermented lavain and long fermentation times. The result is bread that tastes better, feels better and does better. That's why Sol Bakery pioneered our slow bread revolution over twenty years ago, they know it takes patience, precision and love to make real bread in the tradition of a true artisan. Did you know that Kialla Pure Foods a local company from the Darling Downs supplies the flour for Sol Bakery to make their delicious and nutritious bread range? Have a look at the Kialla Products on our website -

Kialla Organic Flour and Baking

You can now also order Leavains amazing range of breads & bakery products. Master baker Terry Wilson bakes his delicious and wholesome range of sourdough breads at Leavain Bakery in Coopers Plains. He specialises in full sourdoughs and yeasted sourdoughs. Terry says that ‘Sourdough is infinitely more satisfying. It has an amazing depth of flavour, it smells and looks better and it is something you can get you teeth into. It is healthier too, because gluten and sugars are dissolved during the long fermentation process.’ Terry makes all his breads from organic flour sourced as locally as possible, to get flours with the special qualities his breads require. They bake a delicious rang eof gluten free sweet baked goods as well. Leavains artisan bakery are the secret to the fabulous bread at places like Phillip Johnson's Ecco Restaurant in Brisbane. Once you try their bread you will be converted!